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Wireless Merchant Account


Nurit 3010 Wireless

Wireless merchants need to accept credit cards wherever they are, so they use a wireless terminal to get immediate authorizations on their credit card sales, instead of waiting to get authorizations later from a Point-of-Sale system that is not mobile.

Wireless Merchants:

Designed for merchants who do not have phone lines to run transactions.

There are 2 options available to you:

Option 1: Fully Wireless transactions with instant authorizations
Device: Nurit 8020, WaySystems MTT, Exadigm XD2000
  • Monthly access fee for the ability to run real time transactions.
  • GPRS provided by AT&T and CDMA supported by Verizon Wireless.

Option 2: Store and Forward option where the merchant will upload transactions and get approvals/declines later on.

Device: Nurit 3010 (battery operated), 2085 (no battery option available)
  • You can keep swiped transaction rates with no monthly fee.
  • Upload transactions and receive authorizations at a later time when a phone line is available.
  • You take therisk for any declined transactions

The best choice depends on the your area.