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NURIT 2085
Credit Card Terminal

The Nurit 2085 Credit Card Terminal Credit Card Terminal is a compact and flexible credit card processing machine. You can even Customize the Nurit 2085 for increased efficiency. The Nurit 2085 credit card terminal is one of the most popular and reliable in the industry.

The Lipman Nurit 2085 provides everything you need from your credit card terminal. The menu-driven display of the Nurit 2085, combined with its 4 "soft keys" and 4 "hot keys", make using this unit fast, customized and efficient. The Nurit 2085 built-in thermal printer ejects highly legible receipts at a rapid rate of 12 lines per second.

New $119.00
Refurbished $115.00


NURIT 2085  Credit Card Terminal

Fast 32-bit Motorola microprocessor for quick transactions

Large 2-line x 16-character backlit, easy-to-read graphical display enhances readability

32-key keypad includes programmable LCD soft keys and hot keys for one-touch access

Generates customizable transaction reports for cost-saving accounting and business management

Fast, quiet, easy-load thermal printer

Rear accessible ports for connection to multiple peripheral devices

Split dial capability for connecting with multiple payment hosts allows you to choose from among the most cost-effective processors for any given payment type

2-track magnetic stripe card reader (3-track optional)

Powerful NURIT operating system provides application compatibility with other NURIT products